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Novalja Pag Zrce

Pag's bay, considered as a tourist zone with it's 20 kilometers of sand beaches, together with a southwest side of island of Pag, makes a great tourist zone, with small places of tourist character: Novalja, Mandre, Kosljun, Simuni, Povljana, Miskovici.

Novalja is a tourist place, very well known among younger people, who like parties at open places, beaches etc. Numerous discotheques at open, and fun life 24 hours a day, it deserves an epithet Ibiza of Croatia. Novalja is a larger place, with complete tourist infrastructure: restaurants, markets, hotels, camp.

Mandre Mandre Simuni

Mandre - is small tourist place, ideal for a peaceful family holiday. There is a nice beach looking at the islands of Silba and Olib, surrounded with a pine wood. There are few exquisite restaurants offering local specialities.

Simuni - small fishermen's place, characterized by an ACY marina, with 200 moorings and one of the biggest camps on Adriatic and 3 kilometers long pebble beach.

Lun - village on the northern extreme of Pag island known for excellent olive oil production.

Miskovici Pag Povljana

Kosljun - 7 kilometers from the city of Pag, often has a role of "another city beach". It is interesting to the visitors of Pag considering the orientation toward southern part of the island and peaceful area.

Povljana - is a place with 700 inhabitants on southern part of island of Pag. It is completely out of low traffic route that crosses the island, which gives the place special calmness, and relatively shallow sea makes it specially interesting for families with children and a peaceful family vacation.

Miskovici - first place coming from Zadar direction, right after bridge, land - island of Pag. It alikes to the other places on the southwest part of the island of Pag and the type of the holidays they offer. Probably more interesting to the guests who do not think to bond themselves specific to the island, but to visit other attractions in the tourist zone: town of Zadar, national parks: Paklenica, Plitvice, Krka etc.




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