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Island of Pag is one of the largest Adriatic islands with 270 square meters, and very well indented coast, rich in bays, coves, capes and beaches. In the centre of the island, there is Pag's Bay, almost in shape of a small lake, characterized by a 20 kilometers of sand beaches.
In the Bay of Pag there is the biggest and the most important settlement on the island - town of Pag. It was built in 15th century, and detained that shape until the present days as a fortified town by the architectural plans of Croatian renaissance sculptor and architect Juraj Dalmatinac in the period 1443. - 1463.

Pag Pag Pag

Pag is cultural and historical most interesting place on the island of Pag, with the pittoresque old part, whose narrow streets gravitate the central square and the church of Blessed Virgin Mary that was made in a specific internal and external architectural solutions.
All over the town, you can see carved doorposts at the entrances of old patrician houses or courts, baroque terraces, medieval stone emblems. This well preserved medieval town, whose ancient city nucleus is a monument of culture, still does the function of an administrative, cultural and commercial centre of the island of Pag. It is also famous for it's special kind of making the lace, famous Pag's lace, cherished through the centuries, and each sample made as a special, unique, work of art. That kind of slow and hard working creation, still lives today on the streets of that ancient city.

Pag Pag Pag

Pag is a city of salt and there are remains near the city, intended to the production of salt with the old way of water-drainage, in smaller pools made of clay, in which the sea water is brought. Island of Pag is a unique part of the vegetational habitat in which the part of the island facing the land is completely left without vegetation, almost of the lunar landscape, rugged with long dry walls with the delicate grass growing, among the low aromatical herbs and sage.
Exactly that aromatical herbs are a basic in feeding the sheep of Pag, and basic in the special taste of the famous cheese of Pag, authentic product of the island of Pag.




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