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Savar - Dugi Otok Kornati Mezanj - Dugi Otok

Archipelago of Zadar is the name of the islands that are spreading in Northern Dalmatia, engraving Zadar with which the inhabited islands are connected with a boat lines. It is a unique phenomenon with over a hundred islands and islets on a relatively small space so in the entire Mediterranean it is possible to find such an indented coastal line only in Greece.

Molat - Brgulje Dugi Otok Lukoran - Ugljan

A jewel of the Archipelago are Kornati islands, the same named National Park with it's 89 uninhabited islands, but also those inhabited and larger as Dugi otok, Ugljan, Pag and Pasman are with possibilities typical for archipelago, with numerous hidden places, bays, beaches where one can spend a day in idyllic peace and quiet, alone.
Most of the islands of the Archipelago are uninhabited so the visitors coming with a boat can find numerous landscapes and ambiences that are still presenting in natural, authentic configuration with no human interference.
It is usual to visit the Archipelago with a daily organized excursions, organized from, more or less, all the places of Riviera with tourist or rearranged fishermen's boats.

Kornati Kornati Silba

Guests who decide to spend their holiday on the islands, will obligatory have to pass through Zadar, from which boats and ferries for all the islands sail out, and prepare themselves for an "extreme type of holiday" in zones far away from a mass tourism, with few restaurants or a market nearby, sometimes in conditions of a "Robinson tourism".
Zadar's archipelago is one of the last places where that kind of holistic experience is possible in direct contact with intact nature and the sea.

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