Pasman island

Pasman Pasman Pasman

Pasman, island of extraordinary climate conditions, with mild gust of winds, suitable for developing nautical tourism, water sports, and well connected with Zadar and Biograd. In front of the island, in the channel of Pasman on some places only some 2 kilometres wide, like a pearl lace, tens of islands are spreaded, and rich flora and fauna, make this island bait for enthusiasts of nature and offshore. Currents change each 6 hours on this part of the sea, and make it one of the clearest on the Adriatic Sea. Ecological conditions and well-preserved nature with many different spices, vineyards, fields, olive groves aside the numerous sand and pebbled beaches, are a real choice for those who like a vacation away from all.

Pasman Zdrelac Pasman

Zdrelac is a place called after a small passage, on which it is placed, and by which the island of Pasman is separated with the island of Ugljan, and over the neck, in 1973. a 210 metres long bridge was built. It is situated on an intersection of the maritime ways for the excursions to the surrounding islands and Kornati islands, and is attractive destination for sailors and fans of water sports.

Banj is a settlement of olive growers and fishermen, situated around the St.Kuzma's church, from the year 1356. They say that if you drink water from the water sources, you will desire to return again. It was first mentioned in 1265. as name "Bagni", was also the name of the island, denoting bath - termae, and the Roman money that was found there witnesses the presence of the people in the Roman ages, and having their baths - termae in it.

Pasman Pasman Pasman

Dobropoljana is situated on a northeast of the island in the bay of the same name. A bay is safe berth for sailors, and in the vicinity, there is a sand beach.

Nevidane - very well known for its nice beach. Swimming, water sports and excellent gastronomic offer, are an attribute of this picturesque little place whose name was first mentioned in year 1077. Older part of the place is 300 metres away from the sea. Settlements, excellent wherry men, in the present times are more occupied with nautical tourism.





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