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Kornati Kornati Kornati

Kornati is the name of the islands and the same named national park of unique beauty. Archipelago consists of 89 islands and islets spreading in 218 square kilometres or, more picturesque on a space of a quadrant of only 15 kilometres. So many islands on a relatively small space make a real natural labyrinth, ideal place for sailors in search for mysterious lonely bays, and admirers of nature visiting the Park mainly with organized excursions from almost every place of Zadar's Riviera. There is no other natural phenomenon better of Kornati, which reflects the phrase "stone and the sea".

Kornati Kornati Kornati

Kornati, in general, are not inhabited, which contributes their beauty, considering they represent themselves in a shape they were since the ages. Under rare "inhabited" parts are considered groups of small houses, or more often only one fishing house in a lonely bay, where tourists courage of giving up the benefits of modern tourism (including the electricity and running water) can admit in unique adventure of Robinson tourism. Terrestrial part of the Park is completely in private property.

Kornati Kornati Kornati

One of the most distinctive natural phenomenon is cliffs in a lower part of Kornati islands, turned toward open sea. Cliffs are called crowns since the ages, so it was probably originate of the name "Kornati". Biggest cliffs are on the Klobucar island (80 meters), Mana (65 meters), Rasip veli (64 meters). Cliffs do not end on a sea surface, they continue into the sea bottom, so on some places they reach 100 meters of altitude.
Two biggest islands of Kornati archipelago are Zut and Kornat, where climbing the highest top of islands is recommended due to a wonderful view to all the islands. Beside boats, your own or rented, tourist boat excursion are the only way of visiting the islands.




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