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The island of Ugljan is right opposite the town Zadar and is connected to the town by an excellent ferry line, almost every hour. With the southern part it is connected by a bridge with Pasman island, and although a part of Zadar's archipelago, it is not so "isolated" as the other nearby islands. Tourism on the island is well developed, so one can find all the necessary facilities for a pleasant holiday: restaurants, shops, private accomodation, hotels, but yet not in amount that the type of holiday that Ugljan offers could be considered different than calm and ideal for families.

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Preko is a ferry harbour on the island Ugljan. There is also a petrol-station. Natural position in the middle of the island was a condition for Preko to become the biggest place on the island with numerous bars, promenade by the sea with a nice view to Zadar, hotel, restaurants and picturesque islets Osljak and Galovac. By the islet Galovac, on which there is a monastery, one can come swimming from the main beach of Preko.
Beaches are partially cemented and pebbled, while the main beach has a shallow sand sea bed.

Ugljan Ugljan Ugljan

Place Ugljan comprises of a few places by the sea on the northern part of the island: Ugljan, Ceprljanda, Batalaza i Susica which are in general separated and connected by coves with rocky and partially pebbled beaches. In the place Ugljan there are: hotel, market, three restaurants and monastery of St. Jerolim. There is a "net" of narrow roads that are ideal for bike - riding.





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