Sali - Dugi Otok island

Sali Sali Sali

Sali is the biggest place on Dugi Otok (800 inhabitants), located on a southern part of the island, nearest place to the National park "Kornati". In the surrounding of the olive trees, place stretches between the two bays: one with bars and restaurants and another with beach and a hotel. One can walk from one part to another in 10 minutes.

Sali Sali Sali

Sali is a place for a family holiday, ideal for visiting Kornati islands in your own or rented boat. It is usual that you hire a private accommodation, and in the morning you go by boat to see the Kornati archipelago, where you spend a whole day and in the evening return to have a dinner in one of Sali's restaurants, sleep over, and in the morning, again ...
In august there is a famous "Saljske užance" local fiesta, organized, that lasts for three (sometimes 4 days) and whose significance gets over all frames of the island and the entire archipelago. Donkey race is organized, usually on Sunday, during the time of fiesta.

Sali Sali Sali

There is a speedboat line, that connects Sali with Zadar 2 times a day, for passengers only, while cars have to go to Brbinj with the ferry line. During the summer season there are excursions organized by a private tourist boats to see the Kornati islands and Natural park "Telascica".
The beach in the place Sali is rocky, partially cemented.



Hotels in Sali - Dugi Otok island

hotel Sali - Dugi Otok

Hotel Sali *** - Dugi Otok

52 rooms - 50m from sea

Appartments in Sali - Dugi Otok island

apartment 561

561 Sali - Dugi Otok

561-A1 - 3 persons

561-A2 - 5 persons

561-A3 - 5 persons

561-A4 - 5 persons

apartments 562

562 Sali - Dugi Otok

561-typ1 - 2 persons

561-typ2 - 3 persons

561-typ3 - 4 persons

561-P4 - 4 persons

561-P3 - 3 persons

561-S1 - 2 persons




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