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Brbinj Brbinj Brbinj

Brbinj is a place that connects Dugi Otok with the mainland and the town of Zadar. It is not a real harbour, it looks like a dock on which 3 to 4 times a day docks a ferry and except those 10 minutes necessary for discharging, a bay in which Brbinj is placed would be like the other places on the island. There are 3 restaurants, post-office and a small shop. Position in at about half of Dugi Otok, makes place a breakpoint in visiting the island - especially if you think on a bike-tour of the island.

Bozava Bozava Soline

Bozava - taken together with Sali, it may be considered as a main tourist place on Dugi Otok, priory because of the hotel, and a daily speedboat line with Zadar and Ancona. There are few restaurants, market, post-office, bakery, beach with the entire infrastructure, partially cemented and partially rocky. Nearby Bozava is a sandy beach Sakarun.

Soline is a small place situated on northern part of the island. There is no shop or a post-office in the place, or a restaurant, so in a way, it is maximum for those who are in search for a vacation away from the entire tourist flows. Soline is situated in well protected bay and is very well connected by road with the nearby Bozava (2 kilometres) whose structures bay be used in need.

Soline Veli Rat Veli Rat

Veli Rat - is a place in a bay on the north of the island, and a name of the lighthouse, which has to be obligatory, visited during the sojourn on the island. It is also a tourist object (for those lucky ones, since there are only 2 apartments) , open to visitors, so you can go to the very top of the lighthouse, using circular steps - especially for those who don't suffer from dizziness. Beaches in the surrounding area are nice, with a special atmosphere considering they are facing the open sea.






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