Lake Vrana

Vrana Vrana Vrana

Traveling the Adriatic main road through the northern Dalmatia, between two historical, cultural and tourist centers, towns of Zadar and Sibenik, a natural phenomenon will appear near two equal beauties of azure colour, yet so different. From one side, indented coast of Adriatic Sea, and the other, the biggest natural freshwater lake in Croatia, Vrana's Lake - Vrana. The Lake is characterized in biodiversity, sources of the potable water and is natural biotope of marsh birds (Important Bird Areas in Europe), where asside the"Bird Watchers" an experienced fisherman will find a quality holiday.

Vrana Vrana Vrana

Borders of the Park Vrana's Lake are between Pakostane and Pirovac, and Park is 57 square kilometres wide, with 30 square kilometres of the Lake (13,6 km long, 2,2 km wide, 4 metres of depth). The Lake spreads parallel with the coast line, and on some parts it is less than a chilometre away from the sea.
Mild Mediterranean climate, arranged cycle tracks, seductive smell of various kinds of aromatic herbs, cultural and historical heritage, are a reasonable reason of coming and exploring the Lake that hides many secrets inside.

Vrana Vrana Vrana

On a relatively well preserved archeological sites by the Lake (Crkvine, Han, Akvedukt), you can see the buildings that impress with technical perfection and skills of Roman manufacturer that build an water supply line from Vrana's Lake to Zadar and all sidal villa's rusticae, in the vicinity of the water supply line route.
There is a modern equipped motor camp Crkvine with the restaurant and exquisite fish specialities offer. Vicinity of the tourist destinations, Zadar, Biograd and the Riviera, and Sibenik, will complete your visit to the Natural Park Vrana.




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