Sibenik Sibenik Sibenik

Sibenik, along with Zadar, is the biggest town of Riviera. Exceptionally interesting, of valuable cultural and historical building, Sibenik is inevitable destination for all the visitors of Riviera. Town is situated in a bay that is formed by estuary of the Krka river, and the arrival in town is interesting considering that an exceptual well - indented coastline - does not allow you to understand whether it is land, island, channel or the open sea in the landscape.

Sibenik Sibenik Sibenik

Just as you arrive, it is recommended to go straight to the town nucleus and simply loose yourself in the labyrinth of narrow streets paved by stone, every now and then, sit on the steps, observe, and let the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean town, that seems to be the same for centuries in those lanes, carry you. Every now and then, you will be surprised by exiting those streets on one of city squares, and each you will find more interesting and gracious until you find yourself in front of St.Jakob's cathedral in the heart of Sibenik.
Continuing up the old town, you come to Subicevac, the fortress, that dominates the bay, and from which spreads magnificent view to the city and the surroundings.

Sibenik Sibenik Sibenik

St. Jacob's Cathedral was built in stone and marble in the period of 1431. to 1536. On the construction of the cathedral famous masters of that time as master Bonino from Milano, Nikola the Firentian , and especially Juraj Dalmatinac, were working, and Dalmatinac gave especial character to the cathedral by making stone heads of the people who lived in that time. Each head is made different and rappresents "ordinary" people of the middle age that Juraj Dalmatinac perpetuated leaving the unique testimony.
Walking around the cathedral, you get impression you can stop and chat with those ancient Dalmatian people, or simply watch them directly in eyes in attempt to appear in the time they lived. Chatedral is under the protection of UNESCO.




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