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Vir Vir Vir

Vir island and a place on island, situated northwest from Zadar, and it's position, well-indented coast with numerous natural sand beaches, pine woods, mild climate with more than 300 sunny days, is an ideal place for a family vacation.
Tourist offer of the island of Vir is based on a private accommodation in apartments, boarding houses and weekend houses, often with a private, safe mooring, witnesses that there is no mass tourism on the island. Great number of restaurants, taverns, hospitable people and a great variety of always fresh fish, vicinity of the natural beauties, connection with the mainland by the bridge, built in 1976., made this island an attractive destination for those who are in search for eventful holiday and untrammeled in every sense.

Vir Vir Vir

Rich history, witnessed by the numerous remains of the churches as St. Juraj on Bandira, St.Nikola, St.Ivan, all from the 12 th and 13 th century, the fortification Kaštelina on Kozjak from 16 th century, stand as a proof that the island was always attractive as a destination, priorly because of favorable position.
Beaches are mainly small pebbled, sand, nearby the fortification Kaštelina there are peloids that help prevent rheumatic diseases, and on the northwest of the island, rocky coastline is an attractive area for the divers and those who like the depths of the sea.

Privlaka Privlaka Vir

Privlaka - wine-growers's place, through the history known as a place of fishermen, sailors, and specially sand blastors, is situated on a spacious, flat peninsula, of a sand soil, that from the northeastern side closes the bay of Nin, and on southwestern side - channel of Zadar.
Shallow sea and sand bottom, on some places with the peloid, nice beaches, well-preserved nature, are ideal choice for a vacation, especially for families with smaller children. Private accommodation and camps is offered to you, away from hustle and bustle, and hospitable hosts organize parties (fešta) for you, and there you'll feel a real Mediterranean atmosphere with home- made specialities and famous vines of Privlaka.





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