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Nin is a place whose historical significance goes beyond the present interface of a small Dalmatian place. Nin was a first metropolis of Croatian kings from the 9 th century and a saddle of first Croatian bishopric, and that is the main reason it has many historical monuments and valuable museum exhibits.
Through the town gates one can set off in sightseeing, the town walls, church of St. Ambrose (13 th century), church of St. Anselm (18 th century), gothical chapel of St. Marcela, remains of ancient Roman Temple, as well as the archeological collection of two Early Croatian ships: "Condura Croatica" (11 th century) and a copy of hexagon baptismal font of duke Viseslav from the 9 th century.

Nin Nin Nin

You have to visit the church thesaurus "Gold and silver of the town of Nin" where you can see among the other things the reliquary of St. Anselm and St. Marcela from the Early middle ages. In Nin you can find the monument of the archbishop Grgur Ninski, and so called "the smallest cathedral" - church of St. Nikola from the 11 th century.
The place developed on a low floated peninsula that was turned into an island by digging a channel in the 14 th century, and connected to the mainland by the bridges, while the entire zone is an oasis of shallow, long and sandy beaches. Shallow sea is 2 - 3 C warmer than the open sea that results greater salinity and special micro climate attribute.

Nin Zaton Zaton

Town of Nin has got all the necessary characteristics of a tourist place - private accommodation and apartments, smaller auto camps, restaurants, well equipped markets. In offering of the town of Nin there is a specific modern organized tourist settlement Zaton that offers accommodation in fine and well-equipped apartments, and a great auto-camp in a big pine wood. Tourist settlement is situated on an ideal position: 500 meters from the city nucleus of the town of Nin in a wonderful, protected sand bay of the Zadar channel.




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