Razanac - Miletici - Benici

Razanac Razanac Pag

Travelling from Zadar to the bridge for island Pag, you cross across the specific peninsula partially turned toward Velebit channel and the other part toward the sea between Nin and island Pag. The whole peninsula is rather covered with the lower vegetation and is inhabited along the coastal line where smaller places are in sequence, not so very of tourist character, where you will find your ideal holiday, for those in search for "sea- sun - peace", specific for the islands. Zadar is only 25 kilometres away.

Miletici Razanac Benici

Razanac is the biggest place on a peninsula with a population of 1000. It posesses basic infrastructure nedded for an pleasant family holiday; markets, restaurants, bars, while accommodation is mostly in private appartments and camps. A nice view spreads to Velebit mountain on the other side of the sea, that gives the entire zone a special atmosphere. The sea in Ražanac is of special cleanness due to the permanently confluents of the mountain resoures.

Benici Razanac Rtina

Rtina, Miletici, Benici are small places spreading on the southwestern side of the peninsula between the road Zadar - Pag and the sea. Most of the houses offer a private accommodation, and every now and then there is a restaurant offering a local specialties, among all barbecued lamb, indisputable specialty of this area. Tourism has developed in the present times, so on this area still dominates peace and beaches are mostly sand and small pebbled, semi-hollowed, even in the high season.




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