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Posedarje Posedarje Posedarje

Posedarje, settlement and a small harbour not far from Maslenica bridge and 25 kilometres northeast from Zadar, it is an exit to a so called Sea of Novigrad , and is situated on a northwest side of that sea. It is inhabited since 12 th century. Known after a local specialities and production of the famous Ham (Prsut), blazed abroad the name of this place around the world. First of all, close to the mountain of Velebit and strong blowing of the wind "bora", in winter times, Ham (prsut) has got it's specific taste and recognizable quality. Posedarje has got number of sand and pebbled beaches, surrounded by pine woods, so in summer time there is no lack in shady places. The sea in a bay in front of the settlement is shallow and warmer than on the other places, so Posedarje is an excellent destination for families with small children because even those young ones will enjoy the summer holidays.
The Sea of Novigrad is well known after a good fishing and shell fishing, especially in mussels and oysters, and in local taverns and restaurants you can enjoy in specialities made after home recipes. If you like exploring and diving, there are three islets in front of Posedarje.

Novigrad Novigrad Novigrad

Novigrad is a picturesque and historical small town situated on a southern coast of the Sea of Novigrad under the Velebit mountain, in long sea bay whose slope wise sides are overgrown by pine wood. It has been inhabited continually from the prehistoric period. Oldest part of the settlement, city nucleus, is situated on the northeastern part of the bay on a hill-side under the fortress Fortica, surrounded by walls.
Novigrad has 650 inhabitans. Among all, thanks to it's natural position, ideal connection of cultural heritage, traditional architecture, configuration of ground, clean sea and preserved Mediterranean vegetation, Novigrad gives you a pleasant stay away from hustle and bustle. Along the two sand beaches, coast of Novigrad abounds in small isolated pebbled beaches ensure intimacy in the shadow of the trees.

Maslenica Karin Karin

Karin is situated in peaceful and clean bay in the Sea of Karin. Mediterranean and continental climate conditions mix on this place, so nights in summer times are very pleasant. In the surrounding area, there is no industry, so the air is rather clean and favorable for those who suffer from various lung diseases (asthma, chronicle bronchitis etc.)
Parts of the Karin's subsea, are covered by a curative mud, which is used in mitigation of problems caused by various rheumatic and other diseases. All of that makes a holiday a complete relaxation of the body and soul. There is a post - office, more shops and coffee bars. Accommodation is offered to you by a hospitable hosts in apartments and weekend houses.




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